Modern digital function meets old world charm for a Berlin café & coffee roasters.

Kaffee Pakolat in Berlin proudly offers their guests, not only exquisitely crafted coffee and hand made small batch goods from their on-sight bakery, but an oasis from the hectic digital lifestyle most of us lead. The owners knew they needed a digital presence, but were concerned that it capture the distinctly non-technology era mood they’ve carefully curated in their café. symbologie. members Maryann Berté, Wolfgang Schwarz, and Mark Garner with Nicky Walsh

Addressing their concern we designed a website and digital shop for them that brought old and new together. The site has all the requisite functionality across mobile devices that every business needs today, but with a feel that captures relaxed pace and the patina of their café.

We also developed content, photography, and copy for German and English site versions. The photography focuses in on the antiques they use daily — from the 100+ year old cash register and the Berkel hand cranked meat slicer, to the paddle fans and furnishings — and the time honored traditions they follow in carefully crafting delicious food and drinks. We also integrated archival images found of the location which document it’s history and the family bakeries that had operated there since the turn of the 20th century.