lukas hostynski

lukas hostynski

software engineer

Lukas is a software engineer with a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense for business.  He is also co-founder and Managing Director of Concise Software, a team of engineers and developers devoted to providing services specifically tailored to the dynamic consumer internet market.  With Lukas as the driving force behind this highly talented team,  we are proud to count them amongst our key technology partners at symbologie..

Core expertise of Lukas’s team centers around contemporary mobile and web technologies, underpinned by agile engineering methods. Areas of focus include mobile development and platform porting, web development, e-commerce and community platforms, social media integration and Facebook API. The team also develops award winning and top performing applications, games and adver-games from scratch.

From their main office in Rzeszów (Poland), and additional locations in Cracow (Poland) and Berlin (Germany), Concise serves a global clientele spread across Europe, North America and Asia. They also work closely with research institutions and multimedia installation artists. The team excels when faced with creative challenges in a fast-paced project environment. Dedicated teams cover all the relevant mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, WP7, Symbian and others, and are specialized in porting products across various platform technologies with ease.

Lukas holds Master’s and Engineering degrees in information systems and computer engineering from Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland. Prior to founding his own business, Lukas was Head of Poland Operations for Vivio, Inc.. He also worked at German subsidiary of Fox Mobile Group (currently Jesta Group), first as a Software Engineer and later became Product Manager.

Lukas speaks Polish and English.