jon moe

jon moe

film director

Jon Moe is a professional photographer with a focus on advertising, fashion, beauty and celebrity clients. Based in New York City, he has run his own photo studio there for more than 15 years. His work has been published in a broad array of magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, GQ, M, Esquire, Brides, Zink, National Geographic, Travel and Leisure and others. HIs photography has also been featured in books on fashion, health and fitness.

In addition to still photography, Jon produces image film and ad spots. His stylish and engaging cinematography for clients like Eden Roc Hotel, Allure Bridals, Arbonne Perfume, and Lemon Legwear amongst others, evidence his talent as well as the joy he has for his work.

Jon views his work in the context of the whole brand experience, and brings an extended palette of skills to bear on commercial projects. As art director, photo designer, and marketing strategist he has helped clients develop powerful and effective catalogs, promotional materials, videos and websites.

Fashion clients include Bloomingdale’s, Brooks Brothers, Cynthia Rowley, Givenchy, Allure Bridals, Robert Comstock and more. He has shot advertising work for Disney World Resorts, Marriott, Eden Roc, Arbonne Cosmetics, Jockey, and Johnson & Johnson amongst others. He has photographed celebrity clients such as Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler, Aaron Eckhart, Garth Brooks, Sean Combs, Tony Bennett, John Goodman, and Tyra Banks to name just a few.

He also works with Fuji Film, testing new film and digital camera products, and producing images for Fuji’s photography displays at trade fairs.

A graduate of Columbia University, Jon earned his BFA in English Literature and FIne Art. While attending Columbia he was already screenwriting and shooting student films, commercials and fashion spots.

Jon first recognized his love of photography when he was 8 years old and photographed his new dog with a camera borrowed from his mother. But his introduction to the world of fashion photography came on the other side of the lens, when photographer Bruce Weber asked to shoot Jon for an Italian fashion magazine. Jon subsequently traveled all over the world working with and getting to know great photographers and fashion designers. He modeled for Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace and many others, and worked as an assistant photographer for Sante D’Orzio and Torkil Gudnason.

Books featuring Jon’s work include: Power Moves by Marco Borges, (Celebra 2010); Fashion Today by Colin McDowell (Phaidon Press 2000); The Fashion Book (Phaidon Press 1998); The Father’s Book by Brett Walker (Bookcraft 1998).