christoph schuster

christoph schuster

interactive strategist

Christoph Schuster is a software specialist with more than 15 years of experience. He and his team develop applications, web shops and sites that deliver a user friendly experience both for site administrators and end users alike. With a focus on delivering cutting edge technology, smooth function, and superlative customer support, he has made satisfied repeat customers of clients such as Siemens Household Appliances, Daimler Chrysler Mobility Management, the State of Saxony, Paul van Dyk, Gaastra eStore and other online shops.

He offers comprehensive capabilities. All aspects of production from modeling the work process, to designing of content management interfaces, to hosting services can be delivered; and crucial details such as performance, search engine optimization and user tracking are expertly implemented. One of his areas of specialization is customized online shops that can handle any level of complexity and international sales capabilities that clients require. He accomplishes this using state of the art technology from Microsoft like ASP.NET, Windows Azure, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Christoph enjoys the challenges that rapid technological change brings with it. New technologies are quickly and carefully integrated into projects whenever their inclusion adds real improvement.

After graduating in Computer Sciences from the University of Passau in 1995, Christoph worked on multimedia and internet projects for agencies such as Leonhardt and aperto.

Since 2007, together with Michael Klein, Christoph leads “Weltretter”, a network of independent professionals in the web and interactive industry.

Christoph speaks fluent English and German.