Known worldwide for its top quality, super soft and huggable plush designs, GUND is the US leader in soft toy manufacture. To help the company expand on it’s brand equity, we worked with them to define and develop the babyGUND Lifestyles program extending the brand to apparel, accessories and home furnishings. symbologie. members Maryann Berté, Wolfgang Schwarz

Focusing on traits that have distinguished the toy brand in the market, we centered our approach for new product areas around three key elements — quality, innovation, and a playful tone. In addition, the direction we took for new product categories was designed to coordinate with, or complement, the company’s soft toy lines and characters — both the core perennial lines as well as the changing seasonal trend lines. Our work for the project included brand strategy; core style guide (print and digital); creative content development including graphics and character art images based on favorite plush toys; product design; packaging and display; retail and trade show presentations.